Firefighter Appreciation – July 24th 2014 ^NH

To those interested in Mills Canyon and Chiwaukum Complex,

People in the communities affected by Mills Canyon and Chiwaukum Complex are so generous in their appreciation of the hard work done by firefighters and, on occasion want to express that appreciation by making donations or contributions to the crews.

Thank you!

I’d like to clarify a few things though, so that these good intentions have the desired benefit.

Logistical support for firefighters, including meals, showers and medical assistance is provided to the crews.  Because the firefighters are well cared for; they would encourage that your generosity be directed toward those who are victims instead.  To the north, in Okanogan County there are many who are without homes in the wake of the Carlton Complex.

As an alternative, the Wildland Firefighter Association accepts financial donations and uses those funds to help support families of injured or fallen firefighters (

Beyond that, a simple word of thanks when crossing paths with a firefighter does wonders for the morale of the troops.

Thank YOU, for supporting these hard working individuals.


Ed Lewis

Incident Commander, PNW Team 3

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One Response to Firefighter Appreciation – July 24th 2014 ^NH

  1. Karen bull says:

    Thank you Ed Lewis & all those involved… Firefighters, EMS, Law Enforcement, volunteers from all & dispatchers. These are many of my every day HEROES!!! Thank YOU!


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