Mills Canyon 10PM Update – July 15th 2014 ^NH


  • Use a deliberate risk management process to manage risk to firefighters and the public.
  • Keep fire west of the Columbia River, south of the Entiat River, north of Swakane Creek and south of Roaring Creek.
  • Provide for protection of structures and developed infrastructures.
  • Limit impacts to cultural resources, threatened and endangered species, and other natural resources as identified
  • Provide initial attack response within the established initial attack boundary. Provide initial attack support upon request, as appropriate.
  • Provide effective and timely communication of incident information to the public and cooperating agencies.


Basic Information

Current as of 7/15/2014, 10:01:21 PM
Incident Type Wildfire
Cause Under Investigation
Date of Origin Tuesday July 08th, 2014 approx. 12:30 PM
Location Directly adjacent to Entiat, Washington – zero miles from city proper.
Incident Commander Ed Lewis, Incident Commander Pnw3
Incident Description Wildlfire

Current Situation

Total Personnel 973
Size 22,571 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained 40%
Fuels Involved Grass, brush and timber
Significant Events Fireline rehabilitation planing has begun and operational needs are being identified. Demobilization of excess engine strike teams and overhead has occurred. Unburned fuels within and along existing and planned containment lines along western edge of the fire continue to consume and fire behavior in those areas can be described as smoldering and creeping. Some precipitation occurred over portions of the fire area. Fuels interior of the fire lines continue to consume. Provide initial attack support to the local Forest.


Planned Actions Evaluate resource needs and adjust as appropriate. Provide for initial attack operations within the Initial Attack boundary as described in the Delegation of Authority letter. Support local unit with initial attack capacity as requested. Continue to hold and patrol all contained areas of the fire and provide structure point protection if needed. Continue to identify and prepare contingency lines.
Projected Incident Activity During the next 12 hour period, incident activity is expected to be minimal. For the 24 hour period, shifting winds will test existing containment lines in the northern portions of the fire, and by evening winds will change to more westerly, testing containment lines on the eastern perimeter of the fire. Incident movement is not expected at this time.

As winds shift back to the west-northwest, during the 48 hour period, firelines will continue to be tested. However, perimeter growth is not anticipated. This wind pattern is favorable for continued containment of those areas of the fire where containment is still of concern.

Remarks Decrease in personnel is due to demobilization of several engine strike teams. Natural resource concerns continue to include impacts of fire suppression activities to Threatened and Endangered species in the Entiat and Columbia Rivers. However, threats are reduced and continue to be commensurate with minimized fire activity. There are many commercial orchards and cultural sites and sensitive plant species in and near the fire area.

Current Weather

Weather Concerns For Tuesday, high pressure over the burn area will result in well above normal temperatures and low relative humidity. The temperatures will be warm enough to warrant the issuance of a heat advisory by the NWS-Spokane weather office. Temperatures 95-106 with minimum relative humidity 15-20 percent will continue to dry out the fuels across the fire. For Wednesday, high presser will begin to bend by late in the day. Temperatures will still be very hot 95-105 with low relative humidity. However, winds are expected to increase late in the afternoon and through the night to west-northwest 10-15 mph with gusts to 25mph. By Thursday, the pattern change will be complete as a dry cold front moves through the Pacific Northwest. This will cool temperatures by 10-12 degrees with relative humidity back in the 20s. Winds are expected to be west to northwest with speeds 15-20 mph and gusts 30 mph. Friday through the weekend, cooler and breezy conditions are expected to linger. Temperatures will be back near seasonal averages.
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