Fire Bulletin – The PACE Model – July 14th 2014 ^MARH

Firefighter and public safety top the list of priorities on wildfire incidents accompanied by protection of structures, improvements and natural resources at appropriate costs. That can be very challenging. There are many factors that contribute to a safe and effective operation, but one of the more important is planning. PNW Team 3 emphasizes the P.A.C.E. model as one tool to optimize performance.

P.A.C.E. is an acronym that stands for Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency plans. Few would dismiss the value of a “plan B”, but frequently that is as far as it goes. P.A.C.E. advocates developing second, third and fourth options in advance. The military has utilized the P.A.C.E. model for some time to manage the risks of combat operations. While the specific risk factors and consequences may be different in the civilian world, the value of thorough planning and preparation applies to virtually all endeavors, particularly complex ones. Team 3 uses P.A.C.E. to continually remind managers, supervisors and firefighters to be alert to changes in their situation and be prepared with appropriate responses.

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